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Making a joyful noise... or something like that

I'd been a band geek since the fourth grade. I learned to play the flute in the bathroom of an empty house that the base school had commandeered (the kitchen held the instruments and the living room was for band practice--all other rooms and closets were practice rooms). I was living in Taiwan at the time. As an Air Force brat, I moved to other places and suffered the bands of various schools until I graduated from high school. After that, I'd haul out the old flute every Christmas, fire up two CDs of traditional carols played on the piano, guitar and dulcimer, and play along... instrumental karaoke. Over the years, though, it seemed like my old flute, that I purchased when I was in the seventh grade, was getting harder and harder to play. I thought it was just me losing my skills.

Got a package on my porch yesterday from UPS--a long, skinny box. When I opened it, I found a Post-it saying "Merry Christmas" from Jane. Inside the box was a fabric case holding a plastic case, and inside that, a brand new flute. Picked my jaw off the floor. Then set about unpacking it from the three layers of wrapping and all the tiny red corks used to stabilize the keys during shipping. I dug out the old CDs and made Joyful Racket Unto the Lord. Or something like that. It certainly annoyed the cats and possibly the neighbors.

The skills are a little rusty, but getting better quickly. It's nice to be playing again. And recalling the discipline needed because my brain has to be focused on the task at hand or I mess up.

Thanks, Jane.


Any chances of you recording yourself on your PC and posting it here? ^^
No, not really. I am a cheapskate--the bane of the computer industry--and don't have the setup for it.

I would love to get my hands on an alto or bass flute just to see how it sounds. I get much better sound in the lower octaves.
That's so very very cool!
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